Bunnies for Birthdays

Bunnies for Birthdays is closing

It is with great regret that we announce that Bunnies for Birthdays will be closing its doors October 1st, 2017. As of September, 1 2017 we are no longer taking reservations for new parties but all parties that have been booked for dates in September will still happen.

But what will happen to the bunnies?

We have had many concerned phone calls and emails regarding our bunnies and what will become of them when they are retired from parties. We want to reassure everyone that the bunnies WILL NOT BE HARMED in any way. We love our bunnies and they're a part of our extended family! We have many available to adopt, some will go home with our employees, and any that we cannot adopt to loving homes will remain in our rabbitry as pets. We have already stopped our breeding program in preparation.

Adopt a Bunny!

We have many bunnies available for adoption! All our bunnies have been socialized and love people. They make great pets! Please contact us today if you're intersted in adopting a bunny!

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